This guide provides a detailed explanation floor-by-floor on the strategies that can be used for each Abyss floor. It is intended to be a comprehensive guide, and as such will seek to cover all 90 floors. 

This guide is a constant WIP – if you feel like a floor needs to be further explained PM me or ping me on this discord server and I’ll address your concerns. Note that due to the relative triviality of many floors, extremely detailed mechanics are not provided for all floors yet. Common problem floors such as 50, 58, and 70-90, are the ones that will have the most amount of information provided, as they are the hardest and most common roadblocks for players.

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General Unit Overview

Useful Units:

3* Units:


  • C.Lorina, Kiris, Axe God, Alexa


  • A.Montmorancy, M.Hazel, Aither


  • Jecht, Requiemroar, F.Kluri, Phylis, Otillie

Quite a few 3*s are usable for Abyss, some are even best in slot. Notable 3* units are Kiris, C.Lorina, A.Montmorancy, and F.Kluri, all of which are excellent units for Abyss. They require high investment specialty changes aside from Kiris, but are also useful outside of Abyss, and so are good targets for that investment.

4* Units:


  • Cidd, Karin, Silk, C.Dom, Clarissa


Achates, Angelica, Lots 


A.Cartuja, Corvus, G.Purgis, C.Armin, S.Rose, Rose, B.Dingo, Rin, Schuri, G.Aither, Dingo

Many of the 4* units are extremely good. Cidd and C. Dominiel have some of the highest single target DPS in the game and thus excel at Abyss. Angelica is the premier healer, while Achates and Lots are also strong candidates. Most listed units here are very strong and compete with 5* units of the same class for slots.

5* Units:


Single Target:

  • Luna, Cermia, Chloe, Ken, Sigret, Bellona, Baiken, Kise, Sez, Sol, Ravi, S.Tenebria


  • Aramintha, ML. Aramintha, Bellona, Sez, Vildred, SS.Bellona


  • Destina, Tamarinne, Ruele of Light


  • Krau, Tywin, F.Cecilia, Charles, Dizzy, Iseria, Lidica, Diene, SS.Bellona

5*s feature the broadest pool of strong units. Nearly all of the ones listed above are excellent at their respective roles or provide enough overall strength to be easy additions to a team. Notable 5*s include Tamarinne, who’s kit is extremely strong for PvE content and reduces gear requirements greatly, Dizzy, who’s defensive debuffs are extremely strong for a variety of floors, and Bellona, who’s built-in %hp damage, and strong AoE capabilities alongside a built-in Defense Break is the Queen of DPS for Abyss.

*** Note that if your unit ISN’T mentioned here, it doesn’t mean they’re not usable. Most units, if built well, aside from extremely difficult floor like 90, can still be used effectively, if your team is built around the strengths of that particular unit. This list mostly features units that are generally strong at their role and can be recommended for general usage in Abyss.

*** Aside from Kiris, building a unit SPECIFICALLY for Abyss, is not recommended. While a part of early and midgame progression, Abyss is not as critical as clearing Hunt 11 or Raid, and as such, focusing on those will better aid progression. Abyss is relatively flexible in the units you can bring, and as such strong general use units such as C.Lorina, F.Kluri, A.Montmorancy, Dizzy, and more are recommended, both because they shine in Abyss, and because they’re highly useful in other areas of the game as well.

Individual Unit Discussion



Kiris is highly regarded as one of the strongest units for Abyss. Her multiple poisons stacking rotation of S3 -> S1 (with mola) or S3 -> S1 -> S2 (no molas) repeated with Kromcruz’s cd reduction allows her to trivialize most Abyss floors that are susceptible to poison or %hp damage mechanics. Kiris is HIGHLY recommended, and comes at a relatively low investment, only needing relatively average gear in order to clear most abyss floors. Oath Key is recommended as an artifact, as it allows Kiris to more reliably land poisons on Fire Abyss bosses. She is also a 3* and thus extremely easily accessible. As such, most strategies in this guide for floors where Poison is a viable mechanic will focus on Kiris.

Kiris only requires 55% effectiveness for Abyss. She also benefits from having Speed, and some overall tankiness. For the most part, she can be kept at level 40 for lower floors, and 50 for some higher floors. She does not need molas, however, does benefit from a +2 on her S3, reducing her CD by 1 turn, allowing for her rotation without the use of her S2 when paired with Rima or Kromcruz.



Tamarinne’s kit features a variety of strong mechanics, packing a cleanse, attack buff, CR push, guaranteed Dual Attack trigger, strong heals, alongside the highest speed of any soul weaver, allowing her to cycle turns extremely quickly. If you do have Tamarinne, she is EXTREMELY HIGHLY recommended, not just for Abyss, but for all PvE content. 



Dizzy carries the 3 strongest non-stun/sleep debuffs for reducing damage, Speed Down, Attack Down, and Hit Down. For any boss not immune to, or punishing debuffs, Dizzy’s skill set reduces the damage greatly, heavily reducing gear requirements and making runs extremely safe. Her S2 also synergizes heavily with other debuffers, extending things such as Kiris’ poison stacks, or Defense Break from Luna. Dizzy is also HIGHLY recommended, and greatly eases the difficulty of many Abyss floors.  However, she is a limited unit, so while many people have her, she is not accessible to newer players.

Specialty Change Units

Many specialty changed units, Lorina, Kluri, and Montmorancy are recommended throughout this guide. Their general availability allows for all players to use them, and as such can be recommended for all players. They’re somewhat interchangeable with their non-specialty changed counterparts, although at the cost of having weaker skill sets and stats. Nonetheless, they’re still usable for early floors, and building and investing in them will prove useful for all content. While recommended frequently throughout the guide, these units are NOT the only units that fill their niche. Substituting other options that fill the same general role works just as well.

Recommended Artifacts

3* Artifacts:

  • Daydream Joker, Prophetic Candlestick, Oath Key

4* Artifacts:

  • Aurius, Wondrous Potion Vial

5* Artifacts:

  • Celestine, Shimadra Staff, Rod of Amaryllis

Featured here are particularly notable artifacts that are important to Abyss. Daydream Joker is the most important artifact, and very important to have on your DPS units. Abyss bosses have very high HP totals, and Daydream Joker’s %HP damage will greatly increase DPS. Oath Key is a notable pickup important for Kiris on stages where the boss is Fire-type, in order to reduce her chance of missing. 

The Soul Weaver artifacts, Celestine, Rod of Amaryllis, Wondrous Potion Vial, and Staff are essential to keeping your Heroes alive, either through additional healing or through debuff removal. Other possible options include Prophetic Candlestick, Magahara’s Tome, or Water’s Origin.

Aurius is also a highly important mention, the Knight artifact greatly increases the durability of your team overall, and can help soak a lot of incoming damage from your front-line tank/healer.



DPS units will require a little bulk for Abyss, natural bulk and flat stats from left side gear are generally sufficient until about Abyss 58, where additional rolls on defensive stats can help. At Abyss 80, around 700-800 Def and 7k HP serves as a decent benchmark, and about 900 Def and 9k HP serves as a decent benchmark for Abyss 90. These should serve as a general benchmark, bringing in additional mitigation from the likes of Aurius, F. Cecilia, or Dizzy which can help greatly in reducing these benchmarks.

Offensively, the primary focus of most DPS units will be on Crit Chance and Crit Damage, and to a lesser extent Speed, as these are the stats that scale Daydream Joker the best. Having as close to 100% Crit Chance, and 200%+ Crit Damage, alongside around 150 Speed will serve as a strong DPS unit overall. 

As Abyss focuses greatly on sustain, the Lifesteal set reward from Abyss itself can serve as gear for both progression and solid DPS gear. The healing from a Lifesteal set synergizes well with Daydream Joker, as the high damage will translate into high healing. This takes away some stress from the Healer, and overall can keep your DPS healthier.

The rewarded Lifesteal set also provides a solid path of progression, leveling the 57 and 75 sets to +12, and the 85 sets to +12/+15 will provide good gear for the respective Floors that follow, especially when mixed and matched with a Speed main stat boot, and other good pieces from Automaton Tower, Gold chests, or Hunts.


Healers require high HP and Def as they are generally the tanks, and because most of them scale healing from their own Health total. For higher floors, Soul Weavers with Cleanse, Immunity, or Wondrous Potion Vial will also benefit greatly from having higher Speed in order to reliably cycle turns and keep the team clean of debuffs. Soul Weavers with high uptime or self CR push, such as A.Montmorancy and Angelica can be run with lower speeds, while Destina and Achates will benefit from being run with higher speeds.

Comfortable benchmarks are around 1k Def and 10-12k HP for Floors up to 80, and 1.5k Def and 15k-20k HP for Floors up to 90. Note that these will vary depending on your gear, having stats skewed more in either Defense or HP is fine. Running around 170 Speed for more turn reliant healers, and 150 for higher uptime healers ensures a consistent amount of debuff protection.

Example Teams:

A few example teams are listed below, along with mentions on Floors they may struggle on. These teams are not the only way to clear Abyss but should serve as a general starting point for players.

Team 1: A.Montmorancy, F.Kluri, C.Lorina, Kiris

A relatively accessible team, only gated by the grinds of the Specialty Change units, serves as a strong core team for all content, including Abyss. A. Montmorancy and F. Kluri work in tandem to provide strong sustain, cycling turns quickly and providing healing and mitigation. C. Lorina is a strong DPS and aided by F.Kluri’s Defense Break, can make short work of bosses. Kiris and her rotation will make short work of any boss that can be afflicted by poison and can be subbed out for either another DPS or another Support depending on the floor.

Team 2: Angelica, F.Kluri, Dizzy, Kiris/Sol

A team more limited to slightly older players who have access to Dizzy, and Sol. Dizzy and Kiris synergize extremely well extending Kiris’ poison stacks while also ensuring near 100% uptime on Dizzy’s defensive debuffs. Swapping out Kiris for Sol, whose S2 and S3 deal %HP Damage for floors where poison is not viable, allows this team to easily clear most floors.

General Abyss Knowledge

*** Most importantly, you will get STUCK on floors, and that’s okay. Abyss isn’t PvE content you can grind through, it’s mid/late game content you’ll slowly work through as you play Epic Seven. If you find yourself getting stuck/frustrated, it’s wise to go take a break and come back either when you’ve upgraded your units and gear, or when your mind is clear. Abyss is not impossible, and you will clear it given enough time.

*** There are NOT units that you MUST have for Abyss. Abyss can and has been cleared without the usage of Kiris, Tamarinne, Dizzy, Angelica, Diene, and other such meta units. These units are indeed spectacular units, but many other units can fill their role, and provide similar utility, while also offering different strengths and weaknesses. 

For the most part, most first waves in Abyss aren’t very scary. Certain ones like Floor 90’s can be dangerous for certain comps if left on auto, but in general Autoing the first wave is fine. It can be important to ensure that enough souls are built up for certain floors, or to make sure critical skill cooldowns are up in time for the boss fight.

Abyss bosses have high health pools are relatively long in their fights, be prepared for certain floors to take a long time. %HP damage from the likes of poison, Sol, Bellona, and Daydream Joker are extremely strong as a result. In addition, because fights are long, teams with high raw DPS, but lack sustain, will not be able to clear floors. Sustain is important for Abyss, and units that bring sustain as F.Kluri, Requiemroar, Rin, Diene, and more in addition to your main healer will be very useful. They also generally feature a ramping attack and speed or defense buff which makes low DPS teams eventually lose to the buff, and so bringing in strong DPS is also necessary.

Later floors 50+ feature a lot of debuffs, and as such it’s heavily recommended to have debuff immunity and or cleanse. Angelic Montmorancy is an easily accessible 3* healer with a specialty change that excels at cycling turns and removing debuffs. Other premium units such as Angelica, Achates, Tamarinne, or Diene are also excellent. It is highly recommended to take one of these units, in addition to Wondrous Potion Vial, particularly for later floors, in order to keep your units debuff free.

Building units overall tanky is useful, generally around 8-9k hp is comfortable for the later floors, 80+, and will prevent random failures from bad RNG. 

***There is currently a bug with Abyss for people on certain emulators and phones, where if an Abyss boss is killed through a DoT effect, most commonly poison, the game will crash, and the kill will not be recorded. If that happens to you, landing the final blow without poison, if possible, or switch devices, reinstalling the game, or restarting your phone may be potential solutions.

Abyss Floors

Without further ado, we’ll get started on the floor by floor. Use the document outline on the left to jump to the specific floors you want. Note that strategies will generally be focused on Kiris, but may cover alternative if Kiris is not as reliable.

Abyss 1-50

The first 50 floors of Abyss are relatively simple, as such I’ll only be focusing on a few problematic ones, for the others, general strategies work, either with Kiris compositions, or any sort of regular composition can mostly handle these. At this point, gearing is the primary driver of success, and as such, Kiris compositions are better suited to these levels due to the lower gear requirements. 

Floor 50: (Rahel)

Difficulty: 7/10

A relatively difficult floor, and one of the most common roadblocks for newer players. 2 mushrooms on the first wave act as a gear check, requiring units to have decent gear and levels in order to survive explosions. 

The second wave floor features Rahel and a Night Seed. This Night Seed will cleanse debuffs from Rahel and may be killed if needed to apply debuffs. Rahel will spawn 2 Skeletons over the course of the fight. Rahel herself doesn’t do much and is similar in mechanics to the one in Altar.

Focusing the Lich down, and managing the mushrooms, is the strategy for the first wave. Units with offensive buffs can aid greatly in clearing the Lich quickly before it’s dangerous skill goes off, and in killing the mushrooms before an explosion. Hit Down, and Attack down are highly useful to bring as they greatly reduce the damage done by the mushrooms. In addition, bringing units with Aurius, in addition to barriers, skill nullifier, or invulnerable are highly useful to mitigate damage taken from the mushrooms. Provoke, stuns, and sleep are also beneficial to help aid against the mushrooms, extending the amount of time you have to kill or heal up before they explode. There are two main ways to deal with the mushrooms, either bursting with high DPS, or staggering and healing up in between. If your DPS is strong enough, nuking a mushroom, using provoke, and stuns can be a viable option.  If not, tanking it with an aforementioned defensive tool, such as debuffs, buffs, or a high hp unit, and healing up afterward is also viable. 

At this stage, Kiris is likely to not be geared well, and as such is relatively squishy. While Rahel is susceptible to Kiris cheese once the Night Seed is killed, it may take a few attempts so that Kiris isn’t targeted by the mushrooms to clear. 

General Composition: Healer/Support/DPS/Kiris + Kromcruz

Example Composition: A.Montmorancy/F.Kluri/C.Lorina/Kiris + Kromcruz

Abyss 51-70

Once again for the most part these floors are relatively simple, however there are more frequent roadblocks than 1-50. General teams and Kiris can clear the majority, but ones particularly challenging are featured below.

Floor 58: (Elson)

Difficulty: 7.5/10

Another mushroom-filled gear check floor. The first wave has 3 dark AOE mushrooms accompanied with a crystal, and the boss is Elson, supported by a tree and 3 dark AOE mushrooms. Elson will periodically revive the mushrooms with ~6k hp, and continually cast various buffs.

While mechanically simple, this floor is quite difficult due to the damage the mushrooms can output. Strong defensive utility is needed for this floor unless you heavily out gear the floor. Bringing Aurius, in addition to other defensive buffs/debuffs, such as attack down, barriers, and skill nullifier is highly recommended. Staggering the mushrooms, through attacking them, or nuking them quickly, and then healing is also recommended. F. Kluri is of particular note here, cycling turns extremely fast with her S1, de-syncing mushrooms effectively, in addition to a 100% chance Provoke for delaying another mushroom.  In this way, Kluri can easily handle this floor.

Elson is of no particular threat, once you can manage the mushrooms adequately. Bringing dispellers can help to remove Elson’s buffs. Using souls mostly on Arky to clear the respawned mushrooms, leaves only Elson and the tree. Since the tree is harmless, it can be ignored.

General Team Compositions: Healer/DPS/Support/Support + Arky

Example Team Composition: A.Montmorancy /F.Kluri/C.Lorina/M.Hazel + Arky

Floor 62: (Sez)

Difficulty: 6/10

Another common roadblock for players, but largely due to a mechanical requirement. If Sez is inflicted by debuffs, he will cleanse one debuff from himself, and heal for 15%, and thus he must be fought without debuffing him. Most teams do include a debuff, and as such care must be taken while teambuilding and during the fight to not debuff him. Note that he is immune to Provoke, Stun, and Sleep, and as such skills with these debuffs can be used.

A notable unit for this floor is C.Lorina, who’s one of the few DPS without any debuffs, and as such won’t trigger Sez’s debuffs. With this aside, Sez is a relatively straightforward floor, just make sure he isn’t debuffed.

Note that because Sez only removes 1 debuff per turn, overloading him with debuffs with Dizzy, Kiris, Surin and other multiple debuffers is a potentially viable option as well, despite being more difficult.

General Team Compositions: Healer/DPS/DPS/Support + Arky

Example Team Composition: A.Montmorancy/F.Kluri/C.Lorina/Silk + Arky

Abyss 71-80

Floor 71-80 are intermediate floors, with a few floors being particularly challenging. Around these floors is where debuffs start to become relatively common, with multiple bosses inflicting a variety of debuffs. As such, around these floors is when bringing Wondrous Potion Vial, and Cleansers and Immunity are recommended. Most of these floors can be cleared with Kiris, and as such, she is generally recommended. Once again, only the more problematic floors will be covered, as the general Kiris rotation is enough to clear most floors without any issue.

Floor 73: (Golem)

Difficulty: 5/10

Essentially the same as the Golem from Hunt, this floor serves as a problem floor for teams with no CR manipulation. Just like in Hunt, Golem is supported by a buffing crystal, and a tree that heals and cleanses. Golem deals an AoE attack upon being hit 6 times, and has a ramping attack buff that in just a few turns, quickly becomes problematic, dealing enough damage to kill multiple members of your team at once.

As such clearing this floor can be a problem if you use Kiris, and don’t have a way to disable the tree. F. Kluri serves as a strong unit to aid in disabling the tree, with her fast cycling and Kromcruz’s CD reduction, she can maintain enough uptime on her Provoke, for Kiris’ poison to finish the Golem off. Care should be taken to avoid attacking Golem with units other than Kiris, their DPS is irrelevant in comparison to that of the poison stacks, and will only serve to increase Golem’s counterattack counter, dealing greater damage to your team.

Kiris Compositions: Healer/Support/DPS/Kiris + Kromcruz

Example Composition: Achates/F.Kluri/C.Lorina/Kiris + Kromcruz

Floor 79: (Tenebria)

Difficulty: 7/10

Tenebria is assisted with two nightmare adds and a buffing crystal. Every time Tenebria is attacked, she increases the CR of her allies by 15%. These Nightmare adds can silence. Tenebria has mostly AoE attacks, and her regular attack inflicts target, in addition to pushing her allies CR. She can inflict Speed Down, Attack Down, and Defense Break through her AoE attacks.

Due to her myriad of debuffs, bringing a cleanser and/or Immunity is highly recommended. This floor is relatively non-threatening if debuffs are managed properly, but if not, can quickly spiral out of control. 

There are two routes of clearing this floor, either through focusing Tenebria, or killing the nightmare adds first, then Tenebria. If your team is relatively weaker, or you cannot sustain the debuff onslaught easily, killing the adds to prevent silence, and more additional damage from landing on your team can be helpful. If your team can manage the adds, either through high Immunity and cleanse uptime, from a unit such as A.Montmorancy, then focusing Tenebria is also a viable strategy.

General Team Compositions: Healer/Healer/DPS/Support + Arky

Example Team Composition: A.Montmorancy/C.Lorina/F.Kluri/Angelica + Arky

Floor 80: (Archdemon Mercedes)

Difficulty: 8/10

A difficult floor with two boss fights, floor 80 is a common stopping block for many players. The first fight is S.Rose, who is mechanically the same as the one you’ll encounter in Lab, with just higher tuning. The second fight is Archdemon Mercedes, similar to the one in 10-10. As a sort of “marathon” floor, with two boss fights, this floor requires strong team compositions to clear. 


The first wave features S.Rose. She gains 50% CR when attacked while debuffed, and can also transfer debuffs from her to your units, in addition to applying Defense Break and Unhealable. Her S3 applies Attack Break and pushes your units back 50% CR. Once S.Rose is under 50%, she spawns a clone of her, that copies her moves, and must be killed first in order to damage S.Rose again.

This fight is relatively simple as long as cleanse and immunity are kept up to manage the onslaught of debuffs S.Rose throws at you. If you do opt to use debuffs, prioritize impactful ones such as Defense Break, though note that because attacking S.Rose will push her, making a two-turn Defense Break lower in value. Immunity is more beneficial here, as it does prevent the 50% CR decrease from S.Rose’s ult. 

Archdemon Mercedes:

Archdemon Mercedes is accompanied by 2 crystals, the yellow one granting Immunity, and the dark one healing. When a crystal is killed, Archdemon Mercedes gains a damage and speed buff, and when both are killed or Archdemon Mercedes is lowered past 70%, becomes “awakened” upgrading her S3. Her S3 starts off as an AoE attack increasing cooldowns for 2 turns. Each time after her S3 is used after awakening it gains another effect. It starts off inflicting Attack Down for 5 turns, then Attack Down + Defense Break for 5 turns, and then Attack Down + Defense Break for 5 turns, and life-stealing.

Killing both crystals at once will only trigger her buff once, and as such using Arky to kill both at once makes the fight more manageable. Immunity and cleanse are both highly sought after here as well, with Immunity being preferable. Timing Immunity to avoid the powerful 5 turn long debuffs Archdemon Mercedes’ S3 applies is the key to success here. The rest of the fight is mostly manageable, without the threat of her debuffs, Archdemon Mercedes only deals AoE damage every turn, and can be mitigated with additional debuffs, or barriers, or just out healing it.

General Team Compositions: Healer/DPS/Support/Support(Tank Recommended) + Arky

Example Team Composition: Angelica/F.Kluri/C.Lorina/Furious + Arky

Abyss 81-90

The higher floors of Abyss are by far the most challenging ones. These will require high levels of gear and optimized team compositions in order to clear. Kiris is usable on floor 83, 84, 86, 87, 88, 89, and 90 (with Dizzy). Tanky units around 8-9k HP, with 700-1k Def are recommended, alongside strong cleansers, and patience.

This section also features recommended units, as compositions are less flexible here. Certain units such as Dizzy for 82 and 86, and Lidica for 85 can greatly ease the difficulty of floors.

Floor 81: (Watcher Schuri)

Difficulty: 5/10

Recommended Units: Dizzy

Floor 81 features Watcher Schuri, who will periodically summon additional Schuris. Schrui’s will push CR everytime they attack, and will also be periodically revived by Watcher Schuri. Watcher Schuri’s nuke can deal a great amount of damage, but with tanky units and Aurius shouldn’t be able to kill.

The goal here is to kill as many Schuris as your team can quickly, and focus down the boss. It’s important to bring Aurius, especially with less tanky DPS units, to prevent W.Schuri’s nuke from one-shotting a DPS unit.

General Team Compositions: Healer/DPS/DPS/Support(Tank Recommended) + Arky

Example Team Composition: A.Montmorancy/SS.Bellona/C.Lorina/Rose + Arky

Floor 82: (Arakhan)

Difficulty: 8/10

Recommended Units: Bellona, SS.Bellona, Sez, Dizzy

Similar to Hell Raid, with the same general mechanics. Arakhan is supported by 3 spiders, 2 red and one white. The white spiders heal 15% to the lowest %HP, and their ult steals buffs from your units. The red spider reduces the skill cooldown of an ally by 1 turn. You can opt to lower the %HP of all the spiders with an AoE attack or Arky, or to kill the spiders as quickly as possible. Each heal on Arakhan is massive, and can quickly spiral out of control due to the stacking attack and speed buff. You need to kill all minions so that the boss moves out of his defensive phase. This will affect your team with an uncleansable unbuffable debuff, so buffing prior to killing the adds is recommended. Once he phases, he will respawn the adds, and become vulnerable to damage, and once his skill cd is full again, he will return to a defensive phase until all adds are killed. At 50% he will instantly reset his cd as well.

Recommended things to bring for this floor are strong AoE and/or AoE CC, CR manipulators. The general plan is to phase the boss so that it can be damaged, and to either lock up or kill the adds quickly with AoE.

General Team Compositions: Healer/AoE DPS/DPS/Support + Arky

Example Team Composition: Destina/Bellona/C.Lorina/Dizzy + Arky

Floor 83: (Scorpetra)

Difficulty: 7/10

Recommended Units: Kiris, F.Kluri, A.Cartuja

This fight is heavily RNG dependent. At the start of the fight the boss will immediately stun a random unit on your team, and can only be dispelled when an add is killed. Periodically the boss will respawn adds with 10% health and a 35% HoT buff, and stun one of your units until an add is killed. A golden crystal gains CR whenever the boss is attacked and casts Debuff Immunity.

Prioritizing the crystal to be killed first to prevent debuff immunity from stacking, and ignoring the other adds, and focusing the boss down is the general strategy. It is important to kill the crystal whenever it is respawned, so as to free the unit stunned. Saving Arky for immediately following a respawn allows the adds to be easily dealt with after initially killed. Bringing units that can passively help the team such as F.Kluri, C.Armin, or F.Cecilia can be useful if they are stunned.

Notably, the stun can be dodged, so bringing in A.Cartuja, or Violet can be useful.

As mentioned before this floor is heavily RNG, and so may take multiple attempts to clear. 

General Team Compositions: Healer/DPS/DPS/Support + Arky

Example Team Composition: A.Montmorancy/C.Lorina/Silk/F.Kluri + Arky

Kiris is more unreliable on this floor, due to the Crystal providing Immunity, and cycling extremely fast when Scorpetra is hit. However, she still is a viable option if paired with a dispeller and/or another DPS to handle the crystal when it is alive. Either Arky or Kromcruz can be used here, Arky can consistently add DPS, while Kromcruz can be timed with the yellow crystals revive in order to finish off Scorpetra with a second rotation.

Kiris Composition: Healer/Support/Support/Kiris + Kromcruz

Example Composition: A.Montmorancy/F.Kluri/Dizzy/Kiris + Kromcruz

Example Composition: A.Montmorancy/F.Kluri/C.Lorina/Kiris + Arky

Floor 84: (Romann)

Difficulty: 1/10
Recommended Units: Kiris, Bellona

This fight is extremely easy compared to the other fights. Romann is accompanied by 3 Taranor Guards. Overall, they’re essentially non-threatening. Romann will dispel your buffs, and deal moderately strong AoE damage.

Kiris rotation makes short work of this floor.

Kiris Compositions: Healer/Support/Support/Kiris + Kromcruz

Example Composition: A. Montmorancy/F. Kluri/Dizzy/Kiris + Kromcruz

Floor 85: (Dark Corvus)

Difficulty: 4/10 (with CR Manipulators), 6.5/10 (without CR Manipulators)

Recommended Units: C.Lorina, Dizzy, W. Silk, Lidica

Dark Corvus has 600k HP, and is immune to poison and %HP damage. He gains 100% bonus attack after 10 turns, and 3000% bonus attack after 20 turns. He is accompanied by a yellow crystal, which prevents Dark Corvus’ CR from being manipulated while it is alive, and a dark crystal, which prevents your teams CR from being manipulated. 

There are two strategies, either killing the yellow crystal, and using CR manipulation to ensure Dark Corvus doesn’t get a turn after the yellow crystal is dead, or to race the enrage timer and kill him quickly. Both are viable and depend on your units. With CR manipulators like W.Silk, Lidica, C.Lorina, or Dizzy, this floor is relatively trivial. Without, running 2 strong ST DPS also makes short work of this floor. Note that Guardian %HP does not affect Dark Corvus, but does affect the crystals.

General Team Composition with CR manipulator: Healer/DPS/CR Manipulator/CR Manipulator + Arky

Example Team Composition: Angelica/C.Lorina/Lidica/Luna + Arky

General Team Composition without CR manipulator: Healer/DPS/DPS/Support + Arky

Example Team Composition: Angelica/C.Lorina/Cidd/Rin + Arky

Floor 86: (Ken + ML.Ken)

Difficulty: 9.5/10
Recommended Units: Dizzy, F.Kluri

An extremely difficult floor. Ken starts the battle accompanied with an exploding Dark AoE mushroom, who will cleanse buffs and heal Ken, upon exploding. This explosion does damage relative to the mushroom’s hp. This mushroom will also revive with full HP after dying. Ken provokes with his normal attacks, and has elemental advantage. Every 3 attacks Ken takes, he will counterattack. Ken also gains a stacking defense buff, resetting when he is hit. After Ken dies, he is replaced by ML.Ken, with the same mechanics and greater damage, but ML.Ken’s AoE defense break s3 instead.

It is paramount, especially during ML.Ken, to keep track of how many hits he has taken, and to proc the counterattack with tanky units. While Ken and ML.Ken’s direct damage is relatively low, counterattacks deal a high amount of damage. As such, damage reducing debuffs such as Hit Down and Attack Down are extremely useful here in order to keep Ken and ML.Ken’s damage sustainable. Manipulating the mushroom’s health, keeping it at low hp before the explosion will also greatly reduce damage taken, a high health mushroom can and will one-shot multiple members of your team.

General Team Compositions: Healer/DPS/DPS/Support + Arky

Note: Kromcruz can be used to refresh cd’s, if needed.

Example Team Composition: Angelica/F.Kluri/C.Lorina/Kise + Arky

Floor 87: (A.Cartuja)

Difficulty: 4/10
Recommended Units: Iseria, Sol, F.Kluri

A relatively easy floor. A.Cart will periodically summon 2 wolves, and buff himself with Counter, Attack, and Crit Chance. He has passive evasion like his unit counterpart. The wolves’ skill buffs Critical Damage but are otherwise non-threatening.

Avoid hitting A.Cart when his buffs are up, as the combination of buffs and counter on him can make short work of your units. Kill the wolves when they spawn, and focus A.Cart after they’re dead. Dispelling buffs from A.Cart can allow you to have higher damage uptime, or even focus him down.

General Team Compositions: Healer/DPS/DPS/Support + Arky

Example Team Composition: A.Montmorancy/F.Kluri/C.Lorina/Sol + Arky

Floor 88: (Baal & Sezan)

Difficulty: 3/10

Recommended Units: Kiris, A.Montmorancy, Angelica, Achates

Baal and the adds deal a lot of AoE damage, and inflict various debuffs. Once Baal hits 70%, he will revive and turn his skeleton adds into liches. He will periodically transfer his debuffs on to your team, and frequently apply other debuffs.

Immunity and cleansers are mandatory for this floor, bringing in at least one cleanser with Potion Vial is important to clearing this floor successfully. 

Relatively simple floor for Kiris, despite Baal’s debuff transfers. Note that you will need Oath Key and a few attempts, due to the chance Kiris may miss her debuffs.

Kiris Compositions: Healer/Support/Support/Kiris + Kromcruz

Example Composition: A.Montmorancy/Angelica/Dizzy/Kiris + Kromcruz

Floor 89: (Rin + Aramintha)

Difficulty: 5/10

Recommended Units: Kiris, SS Bellona, F.Kluri, Destina, Requiemroar

Rin and Aramintha are accompanied by two crystals. They are activated by Rin’s S3 when she casts it the first time, and will swap between Red and Green each time. The green crystal grants Rin and Aramintha a passive 30% defense buff, and a 5% heal and cleanse everytime Rin and Aramintha move, along with casting immunity. The red crystal deals around 5% HP damage to your entire team, and reduces your teams defense by 30%. Rin and Aramintha will also copy your buffs every time they move. Everytime a non-attack skill is used, Rin gains 50% CR. Rin has lower defense and health, and so is generally preferable to target down, however Aramintha may be targeted down instead as well due to her being slower, making debuffs last longer.

Targeting down Rin with Kiris and hoping she activates the Red crystal makes this floor relatively easy. It’s possible to clear if she activates the Green crystal as well, as long as you can optimize the amount of poison damage done. Because Rin’s CR is pushed by Kiris’ S3, it’s important to use non-attack skills only if necessary. Bringing CR manipulators will also aid in keeping Rin from lapping and healing a lot during the Green crystal’s active time.

Notable units to bring include Destina, who is the only healer who does not buff, and can heal with her S1 as well, and F.Kluri and Requiemroar, whose passives help keep the team healthy without triggering Rin’s CR push.

Kiris Compositions: Healer/Support/Support/Kiris + Kromcruz

Example Composition: Destina/C.Lorina/Dizzy/Kiris + Kromcruz

Floor 90: (Tenebria)

Difficulty: 10/10
Recommended Units: Kiris, Dizzy, A.Montmorancy, Angelica, F.Kluri

Currently the most difficult fight, Floor 90 consists of 3 main phases. The fight begins with Tenebria, accompanied by two adds, upon reaching <50% she becomes immune and summons a trio of Ras, Mercedes, and Aither. Once they are defeated, Tenebria turns into S.Tenebria.

Tenebria + 2 Adds:

Tenebria spawns with two nightmare adds, who gain CR when Tenebria is hit. They will reduce CR and silence with their skill. Like it’s similar counterpart on floor 79, Tenebria too has mostly AoE attacks, inflicting a variety of debuffs. Notably her S3  is an AoE defense break, so having Immunity up for these can help greatly in staying alive. Otherwise, her damage is relatively low, and thus is not much of a threat.

One of the more trivial phases, focusing Tenebria, and ignoring the adds to push through the next phase. Having Immunity up for her and the nightmare adds skills helps to keep your team healthy. Save up souls to burst during the following phase. Once Tenebria is pushed under 50% she will go immune, despawn the nightmare adds if they’re still alive, and cast her S3, then proceed to the next phase. Having Immunity up to tank her S3 and prevent the Defense Break from landing is helpful here.

Note: If Tenebria is bursted down in one hit without going under 50%, or through the use of poison stacking, she will die here, and end the fight. With the recent nerf to Jade Wind Scorpion, this is no longer as viable, but remains a potential strategy for players who extremely overgear the floor.

Ras + Mercedes + Aither:

After Tenebria is pushed under 50%, Ras, Mercedes, and Aither will spawn. They each have a stacking Attack and Speed buff, and if the phase is dragged on too long, can pose a major threat.

Ras has his normal S1 and S2, but dealing greater damage. His S2 will proc a dual attack from Mercedes, which can be dangerous on squisher units as the fight progresses.

Mercedes has a slightly altered S1 and S2, both dealing a high amount of damage. Her S1 hits two targets and can stun, with and her S2 Mercedes is the most dangerous target here, with the stacking attack and speed buff, her damage can be hard to sustain through. 

Aither has his normal S1 and S2, however, he heals for a significantly greater amount, around ~20k. 

Everytime one of these 3 take their turn, they will announce either “Be Destroyed” or “Reveal the Truth”, in order to end the phase, the unit with “Reveal the Truth” must be killed. Any unit with “Be Destroyed” may also be killed, but will also be despawned upon ending the phase. 

The general strategy for this phase is to focus down Aither, and locking up Mercedes and Aither through the usage of debuffs. Aither’s heals are significant, and as such preventing heals can shorten this phase greatly. Focusing down Aither first, and in the case he is not the “Reveal the Truth” target, focusing down the target, whichever one it is left, will be easier without Aither’s sustain. If your team struggles to sustain the fight that long, a potential strategy is to reset the floor until Aither is the “Reveal the Truth” target, making this phase easier. 

Once the target is killed, Tenebria will remove her Invincibility, and cast her S3, once again and proceed to the last phase. Having Immunity up for this attack is recommended, since S.Tenebria begins the fight hitting hard.


The final phase is the most brutal. S.Tenebria packs a variety of mechanics that make this phase dangerous and RNG prone. Firstly, she posses two debuff related mechanics. If Tenebria is debuffed, she will heal 5% of her health, and be pushed 50% CR every time she is hit. Whenever a unit of yours ends a turn while debuffed, she will also heal. As a result avoiding debuffs on Tenebria, and cleansing your own debuffs is important. 

Tenebria will also periodically dispel and steal your souls with her S3, in addition to dealing a high amount of damage. Fortunately her S3 is single target, and can be tanked easily. Because Tenebria steals your souls, using soulburn when possible is recommended.

Bringing Soul Weavers, with Wondrous Potion Vial, Immunity, and Cleanse is a must for this phase. One Soul Weaver may not be enough to sustain a team without souls, and as such it is recommended to bring two.

Under 50% Tenebria gains a massive power boost, attacking twice each turn, with both a single target and her regular AoE attacks.

Depending on your team composition, you can either choose to avoid debuffing S.Tenebria, or timing them for when she uses her more dangerous attacks. Units such as Lidica can help keep S.Tenebria’s turns at bay, while applying Hit Down before S.Tene’s S3. Dizzy can maintain her debuffs keep S.Tene relatively weak, but this comes at the cost of needing significantly higher DPS in order to clear.

For floor 90 a variety of compositions can be used. A common composition for people with access to Dizzy is a Dizzy + Kiris composition.

Dizzy + Kiris:

Kiris Compositions: Healer/Healer/Dizzy/Kiris + Arky/Kromcruz

Example Composition: A.Montmorancy/Angelica/Dizzy/Kiris + Arky/Kromcruz

This composition is extremely safe, and can clear this floor relatively trivially. Auto can be used until the Ras, Mercedes, and Aither phase. Once at the 2nd phase of the boss fight, target down Aither using Kiris, using Arky or Kromcruz to supplement your damage. Dizzy can keep Mercedes and Aither from gaining too many turns, and keep Kiris safe. The main point of failure in this phase, is if Kiris is targeted too many times and dies. If Aither is not the “Reveal the Truth” target, the fight may also drag too long, allowing the Attack and Speed buff to become problematic, and kill off members of your team. If these happen, resetting and trying again until Aither is the target will be safer.

Keep Kiris’ CDs up for the 3rd phase, and only apply debuffs in sync, that is apply Dizzy’s debuffs only if Kiris’ are applied or vice-versa. If Dizzy’s debuffs are applied without Kiris’ poison, the extra turns of healing gained will prevent Kiris from dealing enough damage in a reasonable time. If Kiris’ poisons are unaccompanied by Dizzy’s debuffs, the extra CR push will quickly amount to too much damage to tank through. While S.Tene is debuffed, avoid attacking her unless absolutely necessary, and as such A.Montmorancy shines here, due to her self CD reset.

The first set of Kiris’ poisons extended by Dizzy and Kiris will push S.Tene to about 50%, if properly executed, avoiding healing and pushing her more than needed, so that poisons can be extended properly. The second set of poisons will kill her, much in the same way.

Single DPS:

General Team Composition: Healer/Healer/Support/DPS + Arky

Example Composition: A.Montmorancy/Angelica/F.Kluri/C.Lorina + Arky

A composition for players without Dizzy, featuring a relatively standard team composition. This team composition requires a bit more gear and is harder to execute properly, due to having to interact with many mechanics. 

The first phase is once again mostly trivial, and the general strategy for the 2nd phase works just the same.

For the third phase, S.Tene will be pretty threatening. Having extra mitigation from an Aurius carrier, in addition to units providing high sustain, can help manage the damage for this floor. 

Double DPS:

General Team Composition: Healer/Support/DPS/DPS + Arky

Example Composition: A.Montmorancy/F.Kluri/C.Lorina/Luna + Arky

A composition for players with well-built tankier DPS, running two DPS. This allows for greater bursting with a Defense Break up, helpful for both phase 2 and 3. Note that because this team does not bring a second Soul weaver, sustain is much lower, and must be compensated for by having better gear and DPS. 

Notable these teams can burst for high amounts in phase 3 vs S.Tene, being able to attack 4 times over the duration of a Defense Break can deal upwards of 33% of S.Tene’s HP. If your team is particularly squishy, avoiding applying debuffs while S.Tene is under 50% is an option as well.

Abyss 91-100

The newest and currently hardest floors of Abyss. These floors feature higher gear requirements than previous floors, alongside more complex mechanics, and greater team restrictions.

Floor 91: (Charlotte)

Difficulty: 5/10

Recommended Units: A.Montmorancy

Charlotte cannot be damaged, except while debuffed, and will automatically cleanse debuffs applied by your team. However, Charlotte is surrounded by 4 mushrooms, of different colors, each which when killed, apply an uncleansable debuff to Charlotte. The blue applies Speed Down, black; Defense Break, red; Attack Down, and yellow; Unbuffable. Charlotte will also periodically gain buffs that cannot be dispelled.

This floor also features a damage mitigation mechanic, reducing AoE skills to dealing only 1 damage, with the notable exception of Reingar’s Special Drink, which’s proc will apply through the mitigation.

Charlotte is a relatively simple boss. Use single target DPS units to make short work of your choice of mushroom, preferably the black, to apply Defense Break, while attacking Charlotte when she’s debuffed. Charlotte often applies debuffs, along with the mushrooms, but any high-uptime cleanser such as A.Montmorancy or Achates will keep your team clean.

Example Composition: A.Montmorancy/C.Lorina/F.Kluri/Schuri + Arky


Thank yous to the users for reading this guide, the various people on the epic seven reddit who have contributed guides, and other creators of tools such as epicseventools, epic7x, and Smilegate and SuperCreative.