Welcome to our Arena Offense guide! This guide will cover the most common Arena Offense teams used in high-level Arena. These “meta” compositions are the common strong teams, and in general are best suited to Arena as a whole. However, other teams do work as well! Defense Teams and the meta will change over time, and this guide will be updated over time to reflect this.

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Seaside Bellona + Friends

The SS. Bellona comp is one of the strongest and most common Arena offenses, focused on maximizing the power of Seaside Bellona’s S2 attack mechanic to quickly overwhelm teams with AoE damage. As one of the most reliable team compositions on offense, SS. Bellona compositions form a cornerstone of the current offense meta.

These compositions run SS. Bellona with various other supports to protect and buff her. The general core of these compositions is SS. Bellona/Attack Buffer/Invincibility Buffer, and a 4th slot open for a Hero to counter the defense team.

In most cases, this composition can safely be played completely on AUTO, making it a prime choice for lazy players to succeed well at Arena.

The Star! Seaside Bellona

Seaside Bellona is one of the strongest PvP units in the game. a artifact Ice-type Hero, she boasts one of the most powerful AoE attacks on her S2, and combined with her limited artifact, Reingar’s Special Drink, is one of the scariest AoE DPS in the game. 

Build: Pure Damage (Minimum Speed)

Minimum speed is optimal for this build of SS. Bellona, as it keeps Invincibility for as long as possible.

Attack Buffers

Attack buffers allow SS. Bellona to deal out great amounts of damage. They should be tuned to be the fastest on your team, hopefully setting up their Attack buff before the first S2 from SS. Bellona, and to go before Invincibility.

Diene is one of the strongest choices here, boasting a 3 turn attack buff, alongside providing a strong barrier and Critical Chance Reduction buff. Her cleanse and fast turn cycling make her an optimal choice against most compositions.

Build: Fast + High ER

M. Chloe provides a 3 turn attack buff and revive/revive-buff on her S3, along a mediocre heal and a low % chance stun on her S1. She can give your team extra lives against risky comps such as A. Vildred + Charles, and keeps your Heroes alive in GvG,

Build: Fast + High ER

G. Purrgis is another strong option for this slot, providing a strong CR push option into the multitude of AoE attacks/Dark Heroes. He also has a low %chance provoke on his S1. 

Build: Tanky/High Eff Resist

S. Angelica is a very strong choice against revive units, and greatly increases the safety of this compositions against A. Vildred teams

Build: Fast + High ER

Invincible Buffer

The defensive component of this composition. They should be speed tuned to go after your Attack Buffer/Flex units, so as to protect as much of your team as possible.

C. Armin is the tankiest option here, providing Invincible, along with Aurius and her S2 mitigation support. She also provides Immunity preventing further debuffs. 

Build: Tanky + High ER (Aurius)

Elena is a strong option, with the unique ability to cut enemy teams with Magahara’s Tome, allowing her to set up faster Invincibility. She has a reliable cleanse on her S1, which can be paired with a Counter set. Her S3 is an attack, and as such breaks Skill Nullifier, but also only grants Effect Resistance buff, making your team more susceptible to debuffs compared to C. Armin.

Build: Fast + High ER (Tome) OR Counter Set


This role can be filled with anything, depending on the enemy Defense team. It’s important to pick a suitable hero that can fill the role needed, best supplementing your core.

Any other DPS Hero can be added to support SS. Bellona’s damage, Counter choices, A. Vildred, Kayron are all strong picks, but any DPS can really be used here, depending on the defense team.

A strong cleanser serves as a good answer to Basar and other debuffers. Achates is a extremely strong pick, able to cycle fast and dodge Basar’s S3, making sure Unbuffable is removed before the rest of your team sets up buffs.. Destina and DJ Basar are also viable cleansers, and bring a powerful CR push.

Basar is a strong dispeller and casts unbuffable, making him a prime choice for support against defense teams that run their own Invincibility buffers.

Final Team Composition Examples

Diene/Elena/SS. Bellona/Charles

This composition is a very general version of this composition, Charles is picked as a flex unit here, as his damage and counters can easily cleave through teams, especially if SS. Bellona applies her Defense Break.

Diene/Elena/SS. Bellona/Achates

This composition brings Achates in order to beat Basar, Dizzy, and other debuff heavy teams.

What Defense Teams to attack?

The core of SS. Bellona/Invincibility/Attack Buffer essentially can beat every team when built well. However, dispellers pose a threat, as they remove our buffs and allow our Squishy SS. B to be killed. Against these teams, this comp can still win, but you’ll want to set up buffs after they have used their dispels.

Against most other teams, Auto will suffice, and provides the least amount of effort to win ratio. However Achates. Destina, and other units can benefit from manual control as well.

Cleave Compositions

Cleave compositions are the fastest Arena offense team, and have very high winrates against the vast majority of defenses, although it is less consistent than other compositions. Nonetheless, Cleave make up a large portion of Arena offense teams because of their sheer power and short fight length.

CR Pushers

The most important part of the cleave, the CR Pushers/Setup Heroes will set up for your cleaver. There are 3 common options, A. Lots, F. Lidica + C. Dom, and Basar/Tywin. These all aim to set up for your cleave through CR Boosting, and buffing with Attack Buff.

A. Lots

A. Lots is the main option for CR pushing. He brings a 100% CR boost and Attack buff, guaranteeing your cleaver a turn. As a Mage, he also provides 20 souls through Tagahel’s. His base 112 speed makes him easier to outspeed Basar.  

Commonly paired with C. Dom, to boost both herself and to enable either another cleaver or support after the primary cleaver.

Build: Pure Speed (Tagahel’s)

F. Lidica + C. Dom

F. Lidica brings one of the highest base speeds at 114, along with a dispel and Skill Nullifier. Her S2 pushes her team by 20%, and her S3 can lock down another target through her Skill Cooldown Reset. Commonly paired with her is C. Dom, who’s additional 20% CR push makes up for the lower CR push from F. Lidica’s S2.

F. Lidica’s ability to dispel F. Cecilia barrier and setup Skill Nullifier makes this core very safe in the vast majority of teams. However, because F. Lidica cannot dispel multiple buffs, and doesn’t provide Attack buff, an Attack buffer is needed to cleave against most Defense teams.

F. Lidica: Speed + Effectiveness + 100% Critical Chance (Sashe)

Basar + Tywin

Basar + Tywin forms another solid core. Paired with another mage, typically C. Dom, their soulburns set up CR pushback and Defense Break, and Attack/Critical Chance buff for the cleaver. This core provides the most raw damage through setting up Defense Break. 

However, Basar’s base speed is lower making it harder to win the Speed race. Evasion and Fire units also pose a problem for Basar, as they can evade the Basar S3 and cut your team. Killing Earth threats like Charles or Alencia, is reliant on a successful Tywin Defense Break, which can fail due to misses.

Basar Build: Fast, high Effectiveness (Tagahel’s)

Tywin Build: Fast, 25% slower than Basar, high Effectiveness


Cleavers, the main damage dealer, are build as pure damage AoE DPS units. There’s little selection here, with J. Kise, BB. Karin, and Vildred as the most popular cleavers.

Other options, such as, C. Mercedes, Pavel, and A. Vildred, are mediocre, and heavily outshined by the popular 3.

J. Kise is the premier cleaver option. With her high AoE ratios, and Soulburn granting her an extra turn, her S2-S3 combo has the highest damage of any cleaver. Because of her extra turn, she can reliably cleave through A. Vildred. However, she requires a Tagahel’s in the team, as her damage is considerably poor without Soulburn.


BB. Karin is another strong cleave option. Her S3, especially with Soulburn, packs the strongest AoE multi, and her extra turn on kill allows her to cleave A. Vildred. 

Vildred is a similar cleaver, but lacks the extra turn, instead having granting himself an extra attack on his S2 on kill. As a result, he tends to be less reliable into A. Vildred. 


The core of CR Pusher + Cleaver leaves 1 or 2 extra slots, depending on your composition. These can be filled with various supports, bringing either a second cleaver, Speed imprints, or a Tank to mitigate incoming damage. Choose one that best fits your team and best works against the Defense Team.

Speed Imprint

Any speed imprint available is a strong option, but you can choose from either bringing additional Single Target DPS from W. Schuri or Cidd, or AoE DPS from Vildred or Schuri.


A tank allows your cleaver to survive ML. Ken, Charles, and SS. Bellona counter attacks reliably. This option is particularly important with J. Kise, where keeping her alive so she can S2-S3 is a must.

Cleave Composition Examples

A. Lots/J. Kise/F. Cecilia/W. Schuri

F. Lidica/C. Dominiel/S. Angelica/Vildred

Basar/Tywin/BB. Karin/C. Dominiel

What Defense Teams to attack?

In general Cleave offenses can defeat most defense teams that are not extremely tanky/evasion heavy, and that they outspeed. As such, the defenses that you can attack will be dependent on your gear level. If you’re confident in your ability to outspeed, only stall teams and ML. Ken/tanky/Evasion teams can dissuade your cleave.

Tamaseria Stall Breakers

Tamarinne and Iseria paired together form a strong stall-breaking core, setting up Defense Break, in addition to cleansing, pushing your team CR by 50%, and granting them Attack debuff. 

As a result, Tamaseria compositions are best suited to breaking heavy stall teams, as Tamarinne’s turn cycling and constant heals/buffs allow teams to break through stalls quickly. While cleave is a possibility, generally A.Lots and other CR pushing cores work better to set them up.

Tamarinne + Iseria

Tamarinne’s strengths lie in her Idol form, which Iseria enables through her S2. Iseria allows a setup on a particularly difficult target with her S3 Dispel + Defense Break, and carries Sashe Ithanes to further cycle your team. 

Tamarinne Build: Fast + Immunity (Tome)

Iseria Build: Fast + Immunity + Effectiveness (Sashe) 5% Faster than Tamarinne


Any strong Single Target nuker can fill this role here, but some notable ones include the above. Cermia’s S3 and S2 allow her to one-shot 2 threats, while S. Sez can do similarly due to his S3 reset.

W. Schuri is the highest damage option, as his S3 completely ignores Defense. Lilibet, S. Sez, and Sigret bring extinction, which may be useful against teams with Revive.

S. Tenebria is a strong choice, as her perma-stealth keeps her safe from the remaining Heroes even after her S3.

Build: Pure Damage (Immunity is not necessary due to to Tamarinne’s cleanse)


If you choose not to run 2 Nukers and prefer to run 1 Nuker or a Cleaver, you can instead run a tank support or C. Dom if you’re running a Cleaver.

C. Armin and F. Cecilia serve to protect your team, and are best paired with a Cleaver, but are viable with a Nuker against defenses with only 1 threat.

Other options include mages to carry Tagahel’s, A. Lots being a notable choice to provide additional turn cycling.

Composition Examples

Tamarinne/Iseria/W. Schuri/S. Tenebria

Tamarinne/Iseria/Cermia/A. Lots

What Defense Teams to attack? ​

Tamaseria compositions are best suited to attacking into stall/tanky defense teams. The turn cycling and constant pushing allow this team to easily break even the tankiest of defenses. Against teams with only one tank, Cleave options will fare better, and overall this composition is less reliable into non-stall teams, where SS. Bellona comps are preferred.

Dark Corvus + Supports

The most reliable, and slowest of Arena offense teams, Dark Corvus teams don’t lose, at the cost of very long games due to Dark Corvus long S3 CD. As they require a ML Nat5, and are slow, they’re relatively unpopular, but they can beat every single defense team.

Dark Corvus is the most reliable nuker, having a true damage nuke on his S3, which scales only off of his health, allowing him to be built pure tank, and still 1 shot any unit in the game.

Build: Pure HP + Speed (other defensive stats preferably)


As D. Corvus can handle all damage needed and is extremely tanky, team compositions revolve around supporting him with tanks and healers, or other sources of damage mitigation, or CR/CD manipulation from the likes of Iseria and Lots

The only requirement is to bring at least one healer and one source of mitigation, as sustain is necessary for D. Corvus to do his job over the many many turns of the fight.

Iseria is a notable support unit as the only source of a full CD reset, which resets D. Corvus’s S3, and is highly useful to bring into teams with multiple revivers.

Dizzy is a very strong debuffer, and can single-handedly lockdown entire teams without cleansers.

Against damage heavy teams, running multiple tanks, bringing both Adamant Shield + Aurius, is important. Water’s Origin Ruele/M. Chloe are strong Revive options, while C. Armin/Elena can setup Invincibility.

Example Team Compositions:

D. Corvus/Iseria/Ruele/A. Montmorancy

D. Corvus/A. Montmorancy/Dizzy/F. Maya

What Defense Teams to attack?

Literally anything.


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