Welcome to our Azimanak 13 Guide. This guide seeks to comprehensively cover the mechanics of the challenging Hunt that is Azimanak and includes team examples, alongside explanations of the best Heroes, Gear requirements, and more!

Azimanak Hunt drops the coveted Immunity set, a must for all players interested in PvP, alongside Rage set, the strongest damage multiplier set for PvE content. However, these sets do not provide stats and don’t provide as much value as other Hunts do for the early game player. This Hunt should only be farmed after other Hunts.

For end-game players, please see our Fast Azimanak (one-shot) guide!

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Azimanak 13 Mechanics

First Wave

The first wave of the Hunt features two Striker Warlords and one Karax Charger.

Striker Warlords are relatively squishy, with 14653 HP and 1134 Def, but are a blistering 218 Speed. Their attack inflicts up to 3 poisons, and deal a decent amount of damage. As such, having cleanse is important to keep your DPS alive if they are hit. Immunity is another option, although out-speeding the Striker Warlords may be difficult.

The Karax Charger is much tankier, with 23805 HP and 1297 Def, but only has 176 speed. His ability casts an AoE provoke but is otherwise non-threatening.


Azimanak 13 has 134511 HP, 2832 Def, and 80% Effect Resistance. It has 208 Speed and begins it’s first turn at 25% CR. It alternates between a single target attack, and AoE attacks, Alongside these AoE attacks, Azimanak will summon Eggs, which must be defeated to remove the damage and mitigation buff Azimanak will gain. 

The eggs have 9160 HP, and 600 Def, making them relatively resilient to the lower multiplier AoE attacks. Clearing the eggs every turn is critical to a successful clear. AoE heroes with high uptime, such as those with AoE S1s are necessary for this Hunt.

For every 4 attacks that Azimanak takes, he will gain one stack of Berserk, which increases his damage, defenses, and speed. As such, Dispel is core to successfully clearing Azimanak 13, and because of Azimanak’s 80% ER, your dispeller should have a minimum of 65% Effectiveness.


Explosive Force, Azimanak’s passive, and core mechanic. After being hit 4 times (not including Extra Attacks), Azimanak will be granted Berserk. Unbuffable will prevent Azimanak from gaining Berserk.

Berserk is a scaling buff, that starts at 20% Attack and Defense, and 10% Speed. Each additional stack grants an additional 20% Attack and Defense, and 5% Speed. 

As this buff can quickly snowball out of control, actively dispelling it is critical to clearing this Hunt.

Azimanak also has an additional two effects which scale its damage, dealing additional damage to debuffed Heroes, and when your team has fewer Heroes.

Azimanak’s second passive, Tenacious Vigor grants it a full cleanse, increased Attack, and an extra turn, upon being attacked with 3 debuffs

Azimanak also gains 80% mitigation from Single Attacks while the supporting eggs are alive. 

Once below 30% Health, Azimanak reduces your team’s healing by 90%, making burst damage near the end of the fight crucial.

Every 2 turns, Azimanak will use Sharp Cut, dealing AoE damage, 70% chance to inflict 2 bleeds, and reviving the eggs. (Extinction does not work.)

Another AoE attack, Death Trap, deals high damage and can inflict Silence. In addition, Death Trap also detonates all Bleeds and Poisons, making it critical to cleanse these as often as possible. 

Hellish Cut is Azimanak’s S1, and deals low single target damage while granting itself increased Critical Hit Chance.

General Strategy

General team compositions will feature AoE, dispel, and cleanse, as these are critical to addressing the mechanics of Azimanak. AoE is mandatory to constantly kill the eggs, allowing your team to dispel the 80% mitigation buff. Dispel addresses the scaling Berserk buff, and cleanse keeps your team alive through the multitude of Bleed effects.

Once these requirements are met, additional Single Target DPS can help supplement damage, or other supports can help with each of those requirements. 

There are a wide variety of Heroes usable for Azimanak Hunt. Unlike the other Hunts, there is no element restriction, allowing for a more diverse cast of viable Heroes. This section covers the best units for each role and provides explanations for the strengths of each Hero.

A. Vildred, Vildred, Vivian, S. Tenebria, C. Zerato, SS. Bellona
AoE DPS with reliable AoE are the best options here to manage the eggs. While other options are acceptable, these are the strongest options, due to their high uptime and damage.
A. Vildred: One of the best AoE DPS, his high damage, two target S1, and CD refresh on S3 kill allow him to excel at this role.
Vildred: His AoE S1, strong S3, and extra attack from S2 allow him to reliably clear the eggs every turn, given enough damage. 
Vivian: With increased Attack buff and Immunity, her S3 brings powerful offensive and defensive buffs. Paired with Time Matter, she can kill the eggs every turn, or on Iela Violin, she can act as a dispeller.
S. Tenebria: Her two target S1 allows her to do a respectable amount of Single Target damage while clearing out the eggs every turn. Her S1 poisons can aid a bit in DPS, but can occasionally hit the 3 debuff limit.

C. Zerato: His strong AoE’s and Defense Break can be a helpful asset, however, his transfer of debuffs, and his own decreased Attack and Defense Break, can quickly hit the 3 debuff limit on Azimanak. 

SS. Bellona: With the multitude of AoE attacks that Azimanak dishes out, her S2 easily triggered. However, her S3 debuffs do not benefit the fight, and so her skills should be kept off. She can help supplement damage through Target and Defense Break,
Iseria, F. Kluri, A. Ras, Luluca
Iseria: With her overloaded kit, she brings a CD reset, Defense Break, Dispel, and Unbuffable, handling a large portion of Azimanak’s abilities. Paired with Tamarinne, her S2 reset allows Tamarinne’s Idol form to have 100% uptime. Due to her S2 AI targeting, you may choose between leaving skills off for certain members of your team.
F. Kluri: She brings additional healing, a dispel, and Defense Break while cycling her turns quickly. Her small CR push on S1 can add up over the length of a longer Azimanak fight, giving your other Heroes multiple extra turns.
A. Ras: With a powerful kit, and reliable dispel on S1, A. Ras cements himself as one of the best Knights for Azimanak. He provides Immunity and Defense Break, and additional mitigation.
Luluca: As a Mage, Luluca can bring Iela Violin to dispel, while bringing Defense Break. Her S3 can serve as additional AoE, while her S2 buff provides additional mitigation.
Tamarinne, BM. Haste, Elena, Achates, A. Montmorancy
Tamarinne: The best Healer for Azimanak, her S1 dispel, CR pushing, cleansing, and healing make her incredibly powerful here. If possible, pair her with Iseria for 100% Idol uptime, 
BM. Haste: As Azimanak frequently revives the eggs, his S2 can constantly proc, providing solo healing and barriers, while supplementing damage. His S1 also has a dispel, allowing him to remove Berserk.
Elena: Her S2 triggers often, as your team is pelted with AoE attacks, however, her healing may not be sufficient to solo heal. Her S1 cleanse is powerful, especially paired with counter set.
Achates: Achates is a very powerful Healer, able to cycle quickly through her S2 and S3, for strong AoE heal and cleanse.
A. Montmorancy: With fast turn cycling, and extremely reliable cleanse, A. Montmorancy is the best defensive Healer for this Hunt.

Daydream Joker: continues to be the artifact of choice for DPS units.

Iela Violin: The most reliable dispel, this artifact on any mage can reliably keep Berserk off of Azimanak.

Wondrous Potion Vial/Stella Harpa: These artifacts help keep your team clear of debuffs.

Time Matter/Wind Rider/Portrait: These artifacts can help your AoE DPS more reliably keep the eggs cleared.

Sashe Ithanes: As Azimanak constantly spawns adds, Sashe can provide an immense amount of CR increases for your team.


Gearing for Azimanak should not be a major hassle, as players who are seeking to run Azimanak should already have decent gear. Below are some general thresholds/breakpoints, but should be relatively easy to reach for most players ready for this Hunt. The only notable difficulty may come from a lack of damage, with lower stat values, artifacts like Portrait of the Saviors may be a better option.

Recommended Minimum Stat Values:

  • DPS
  • Debuffers
  • Healers

Attack: 4k
Health: 9k
Critical Chance: 85% (Light) / 100% (non-Light)
Critical Damage: 280%
Effectiveness: 65% (For DPS with Debuffs)
Speed: 208 (To maintain Turn Parity with Azimanak)

These stats are typical DPS benchmarks. These offensive stats allow most AoE DPS to one-shot the eggs, greatly increasing clear speed. Notably, having 208 Speed allows your DPS to maintain the same amount of turns as Azimanak, but is not required.


Health: 13k
Effectiveness: 65% 
Speed: 208 (To maintain Turn Parity with Azimanak)
These stats are typical Debuffer benchmarks. Only Effectiveness is a must have stat, while additional tankiness can help them survive. Notably, having 208 Speed allows your debuffer to maintain the same amount of turns as Azimanak, but is not required.
Health: 15k
Defense: 1.2k
Effectiveness: 65% (If debuffer)
Speed: 208 (To maintain Turn Parity with Azimanak)
Effect Resistance: 150% + (Or Potion Vial)
These stats are typical Healer benchmarks. Occasionally, Azimanak may silence, making either Wondrous Potion Vial or Effect Resistance useful for reliability. Notably, having 208 Speed allows your debuffer to maintain the same amount of turns as Azimanak, but is not required.

Team Compositions

  • Dispeller
  • AoE DPS
  • Cleanser/Immunity

In general, all teams will need to meet these requirements, as they’re essential to clearing. These requirements, however are loose enough to open up a variety of team compositions.


  • Defense Breaker
  • Increased Attack Buff

Both of these increase the amount of damage your team does, greatly increasing clear rates. As Azimanak tends to be a relatively long fight, these can greatly help the speed of the overall battle.

Choose a team composition that best fits your Hero roster. Below are some examples of viable teams, with explanations as to the members chosen:

Example Teams

  • Tamarinne – Magahara’s Tome/Wondrous Potion Vial
  • Iseria – Sashe Ithanes
  • Vildred – Daydream Joker/Portrait of the Saviors
  • A. Ras – Aurius

A very cookie-cutter setup, the Tamarinne + Iseria core easily solves most of Azimanak’s mechanics. This core is paired with Vildred, whose excellent AoE DPS allows him to reliably clear the eggs each turn, and A. Ras for additional dispel and mitigation. 

  • A. Montmorancy – Magahara’s Tome/Rod of Amaryllis
  • C. Zerato – Iela Violin
  • Bellona – Sashe Ithanes
  • A. Ras – Aurius
A. Montmorancy provides cleanses and healing through her fast turn cycling, keeping the DPS alive. C. Zerato can easily AoE down eggs, while having Iela Violin to reliably dispel Berserk. Bellona brings additional AoE to help out C. Zerato, while having Defense Break and some AoE. A. Ras provides mitigation, more dispel, and some additional damage through his S2.


Hi! Thank you for reading this guide, and I hope it helps you <3 Thanks too to my proof readers, editors, and those that provided feedback.