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Expeditions can be accessed through the Hunt menu, or Garo in the Lobby whenever your friends or guildmates have begun an Expedition.

One of the 3 Expedition bosses, defeating the Destructive Gigantes will grant Expedition Depot Reward Points, which will accumulate over each period. 2,100 points are required for all rewards, averaging around 40 clears.

The goal of each Expedition entry should be to maximize the number of points gained, as while each member in the party is given 3 entries, they cost energy and do not provide additional rewards. Ideally, each member should be able to contribute at least ~1/6th of the damage, so that only 1 run is needed per player.

Gigantes Mechanics

Destructive Gigantes has different levels, which scale its stats and mechanics. Each level is more difficult, with Level 1 oriented around newer players, Level 2 suitable for midgame players, and Level 3 currently being difficult for even endgame players.

Destructive Gigantes uses single target and AoE attacks, and will on every 4th turn apply Electrocute, a Damage over Time debuff.

Paired with Destructive Gigantes is a Inpectio Cannon which is permanently invincible and frequently increases the cooldowns of your Heroes by 1 turn.

Destructive Gigantes Stats

Level 1:

  • Health: 900,000
  • Speed: 165
  • Effect Resistance: 70%

Level 2:

  • Health: 1,650,000 (1.65 million)
  • Speed: 180
  • Effect Resistance: 100%

Level 3:

  • Health: 2,300,000 (2.3 million)
  • Speed: 210
  • Effect Resistance: 130%

Effect Resistance scales with levels, starting at 70% (Level 1), 100% (Level 2), 130% (Level 3). As such you’ll need 55% (Level 1), 85% (Level 2), 115% (Level 3) Effectiveness to maximize your chances of debuffing.

Destructive Gigantes has immunity against the above debuffs. Notably, it is immune to %HP based damage, such as Daydream Joker or Sol’s S2/S3. 

Destructive Gigantes will enrage at the end of its 11th turn, and on it’s following turn wipe your team and inflict Extinction, preventing Revive. This places a short window of time for your team to deal maximum damage. 


Destructive Gigantes’ Elemental Advantage passive starts at 60% (+10% per Level) increased damage vs Light Heroes. As this limits the survivability of Light Heroes, they should be avoided. 

An permanently Invincible Inpectio Cannon will aid the Destructive Gigantes in this fight, dealing sizable damage, in addition to having a strong AoE attack, which increases the cooldowns of your team. While Invincible, Inpectio Cannon can still be debuffed.

Destructive Gigantes’ attack focuses the front row first and restricts the Hero to be a Knight, as it otherwise deals great damage. Limit the buffs to 3 or less, as otherwise this attack can easily kill your tank.

Quake deals high damage, and triggers an extra attack from Inpectio Cannon. At Level 3, this grants Destructive Gigantes increased Defense as well.

At the start of the battle, and then on a 4 turn cooldown, Destructive Gigantes’ Area Fire cleanses his team, deals a heavy amount of damage, and inflicts the debuff Electrocute

Electrocute is 4 turn debuff that deals 8% max Health as damage per turn, to all Heroes on your team. This can be dispelled only through using a non-attack skill.

General Strategy

The primary goals of this fight are to manage Inpectio Cannon through debuffs, and using both non-attack skills and healing to manage the Electrocute debuff. If your team lacks a way to deal with the Inpectio Cannon, Immunity is a must have. The rest of the fight is then keeping up Defense Break and healing, outputting maximum damage for a high score.

Destructive Gigantes highly discourages Light Heroes due to its elemental advantage passive. Heroes with non-attack skills are also preferred, as they can cleanse their own Electrocute debuff.


Lilias, F. Kluri, Rose

As the main tank, this slot must be filled by a non-Light Knight, as otherwise, the damage sustained will be too great. Highly preferred are units able to cleanse Electrocute.

Lilias: The premier choice for this slot, with her strong S1 Dual Attack trigger adding DPS, while her barrier provides additional survivability.

F. Kluri: While her S3 cooldown is relatively long, her built-in sustain helps to mitigate the effects of Electrocute, while providing Defense break.

Rose: A more offensive option, Rose brings Attack buff, and barriers for additional sustain.

Cermia, Violet, A. Vildred, Yuna, C. Dominiel
Any powerful single-target DPS Hero with a non-Attack skill is optimal, however, any strong DPS can work here.
Cermia/Violet: Pure single target damage dealers that can cleanse Electrocute, but don’t bring any additional utility.

A. Vildred: While he cannot cleanse his Electrocute, his Hit Down debuff and CR Pushback help greatly with managing the Cannon.

Yuna: A strong buffer and DPS capable of cleansing Electrocute. 

C. Dominiel: A powerful DPS and capable of cleansing Electrocute, while providing Critical Chance buff.

Other options include any other strong DPS, preferably with the ability to cleanse Electrocute.

Tenebria, Dizzy, Luluca
A supplemental DPS unit, ideally bringing ways to manage the Inpectio Cannon, cleanse Electrocute, or bring Immunity.
Tenebria: Her AoE sleep and decreased Speed debuff help greatly in managing the Cannon, while her Defense Break and decent damage make her a powerful secondary DPS.
Vivian: Her Immunity and Attack Buff are invaluable in this fight, and provides her for a way to cleanse her own Electrocute.
Dizzy: Her debuffs allow for the best control on the cannon, but brings little DPS otherwise.
Luluca: Her S2 barrier provides additional sustain and cleanses Electrocute, while her S3 and S1 deal respectable damage and provide Defense Break.
Other options include DM. Pearlhorizon.
Tamarinne, M. Hazel, Achates, A. Montmorancy
Tamarinne: As the premier healer of choice, her fast turn cycling, increased Attack buff, strong healing, and Dual Attacks, make her the best healer for this expedition.
M. Hazel: M. Hazel is an accessible and strong choice for healing, providing Greater Attack, reliable healing, and other Fire Hero synergies. 
Achates: Achates is a very powerful Healer, able to alternate between her S2 and S3 for strong AoE heals every other turn, and capable of applying Invincibility to the tank.
A. Montmorancy: A pure healing option, her insane healing output provides incredible sustain at the cost of not providing any other support.
Any other healer works as an alternative.

NOT Daydream Joker: The % Health Damage of Daydream Joker does not work on Expedition bosses.

Uberius Tooth/Kal’adra/Portrait of the Saviors/Ancient Sheath: These artifacts provide additional damage for your Heroes to do more damage. Notably, Portrait of the Saviors can always be active during the early parts of the expedition fight.

Etica’s Scepter/Sira-ren: These artifacts can provide additional chances for debuffs to manage the cannon.

Team Compositions

  • Non-Light Frontline Tank
  • Debuffs for Cannon/Immunity

In general, all teams will need to meet these requirements, as they’re essential to clearing. Managing the Inpectio Cannon is the majority of the difficulty, and requires either reliable Sleep/Stuns/Hit Down, or Immunity in order to protect your team. These requirements, however are loose enough to open up a variety of team compositions. 


  • Attack Buff
  • Defense Break

Attack Buff and Defense Break are recommended for dealing additional damage, as the short time-window makes DPS important for clearing efficiently.

Choose a team composition that best fits your Hero roster. Below are some examples of viable teams.

Example Teams




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