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Expeditions can be accessed through the Hunt menu, or Garo in the Lobby whenever your friends or guildmates have begun an Expedition.

One of the 3 Expedition bosses, defeating the Blooming Snag Lich will grant Expedition Depot Reward Points, which will accumulate over each period. 2000 points are required for all rewards, requiring 34 clears.

The goal of each Expedition entry should be to maximize the number of points gained, as while each member in the party is given 3 entries, they cost energy and do not provide additional rewards. Ideally, at minimum, each member should be able to contribute ~1/6th of the damage, so that only 1 run is needed per player.

Lich Mechanics

Blooming Snag Lich has different levels, which scale its stats and mechanics. Each level is more difficult, with Level 1 oriented around newer players, Level 2 suitable for midgame players, and Level 3 currently being difficult for even endgame players.

It alternates between a strong single target attack dealing damage to the frontline, and AoE attacks that deal high damage. 

Blooming Snag Lich heavily encourages the use of Fire-element Heroes and AoE damage dealers. Single target damage is heavily reduced in this fight, while AoE damage is given a significant buff. As such, non-single target damage dealers are greatly prioritized. Defense Break is highly recommended to supplement your damage.

Blooming Snag Lich will cast a permanent team-wide Restrict debuff on your team, preventing the use of CR-pushing mechanics. As such, units like Tamarinne are weaker here.

The Lich will be accompanied by a Gold Klineode, whose function is to protect your team against the 90% damage mechanic from the Lich. This requires careful management to ensure your team is protected during the battle.

Blooming Snag Lich Stats

Level 1:

  • Health: 900,000
  • Speed: 160
  • Effect Resistance: 70%

Level 2:

  • Health: 1,650,000 (1.65 million)
  • Speed: 170
  • Effect Resistance: 100%

Level 3:

  • Health: 1,800,000 (1.8 million)
  • Speed: 180
  • Effect Resistance: 100%

Effect Resistance scales with levels, starting at 70% (Level 1), 100% (Level 2), 100% (Level 3). As such you’ll need 55% (Level 1), 85% (Level 2), 85% (Level 3) Effectiveness to maximize your chances of debuffing the Lich.

Blooming Snag Lich has immunity against the above debuffs. Notably, it is immune to %HP based damage, such as Daydream Joker or Bellona’s S1. 

Blooming Snag Lich will enrage at the end of its 8th turn, and on it’s following turn wipe your team and inflict Extinction, preventing Revive. This places a short window of time for your team to deal maximum damage. 

Note: Kayron’s S2 passive can proc on the enraged attack, allowing him to get in one-additional turn.

Blooming Snag Lich’s Elemental Advantage passive is extremely strong, starting at 60% (+10% per Level) increased damage vs non-Fire Heroes, and taking 50% increased damage from Fire Heroes. This highly incentives mono-Fire teams, as this will reduce the amount of damage taken and increase damage dealt.

At the start of the battle, your team will be debuffed with an uncleansable permanent Restrict debuff, preventing CR manipulation on your team members.

In addition to this, single target attacks are significantly weaker, having their damage reduced by 70%. However, AoE attacks have their damage increased by 70%. This makes conventional single target Fire DPS such as Cermia and Sol significantly weaker.

The Gold Klineode will spawn with a permanent immunity buff and a 5-hit Skill Nullifier. To gain the Immunization buff, the Klineode must be hit 5 times to break the Skill Nullifier, and a single last attack will often kill it, as it has very low health and defense.

Note that Uberius Tooth, and other additional damage procs do not work on Gold Klineode.

Blooming Snag Lich’s attack focuses the front row first and restricts the Hero to be a Knight, as it otherwise deals great damage. It is important to keep the tank’s HP above 50%, as the extra attack can easily kill the tank.

Soul Exploit deals AoE damage and grants the Lich Attack Buff.

At Level 3, this attack also inflicts three Poisons on your team. These Poisons should be cleansed off if possible, but can also be tanked through as well.

At lower levels, Soul Exploit does not inflict poison.

On a 3 turn cooldown, Blooming Snag Lich’s S3 dispels, deals a heavy amount of damage, and inflicts the debuff Neurotoxin. As Neurotoxin deals 90% current health damage, in most cases this will be a near fatal debuff. To prevent Neurotoxin, it is critical to defeat Gold Klineode for its Immunization buff to either prevent or cleanse Neurotoxin.

General Strategy

This fight is relatively straightforwards, and scoring will be mostly dependent on gear. As you’re trying to maximize damage done in the 8 turns you are given, the general strategy is simply to attack the boss as often as possible, while your AoE attacks reduce the Skill Nullifier on the Gold Klineode. Ensure that your team has the Immunization buff before Blooming Snag Lich casts it’s S3 to prevent your team from receiving Neurotoxin.



Fire tanks are recommended as they take reduced damage from the Lich, but with strong gear, other element Heroes can tank as well.

A.Ras, Lilias, Charlotte, Cecilia

A. Ras: A strong well-rounded option, bringing Defense buff for additional mitigation, Defense Break and Dual Attack on his S2. His S1 dispel can remove the Lich’s Attack buff reliably.

Lilias: The defensive choice for this slot, with her strong S1 Dual Attack trigger adding DPS while having a strong barrier to protect herself from damage. Her S3 cleanse can be used to remove poisons as well.

Charlotte: A very high DPS option; however she tends to be built lower bulk and may have trouble staying alive at higher levels.

Cecilia: With a 50% chance, 2 turn Defense Break and decent mitigation through Attack Down and a self-barrier and team-wide Immunity, Cecilia is another strong option.

Kanna, Baal & Sezan, C. Zerato, Mercedes, Tenebria
Kanna: The strongest DPS Hero for this expedition. Kanna has a full AoE kit, paired with self Attack Buff and teamwide Speed Buff. In addition, she gains an incredible amount of free stats from her passive, making her relatively easy to gear.  Her high damage output and Ranger class allow Kanna to enable a healer-less composition when paired with Bloodstone.
C. Zerato: A strong DPS hero, with the option of being built with Lifesteal for self-sustain. C. Zerato can supplement Defense Break, and can reliably counter every time he is hit, as he cannot transfer Poison and thus stays debuffed if not cleansed. 
Mercedes: Mercedes boasts a full AoE kit, with decent multipliers across her skills. With Radiant Forever, her DPS is incredible, offsetting her lack of additional utility.
Other options include off-element AoE DPS such as S. Tenebria, Vildred, or A. Vildred, who bring reliable AoE DPS.
Baal & Sezan, Tenebria

Baal & Sezan: With high damage multipliers on an all AoE kit, alongside bringing low cooldown Defense Break and Decrease Speed, Baal & Sezan is the strongest DPS and debuffer. He can either be ran with Radiant Forever for maximum DPS, or with Etica’s Scepter if debuff uptime is preferred.

TenebriaWhile better suited as an active debuffer, Tenebria also packs decent multis on her S2 and S3, and can do considerable damage; however she does not have an AoE on her S1. Etica’s Scepter is much more important on Tenebria, as her cooldowns are long.

Alternatives include Bellona, Iseria, or just another DPS instead.


Kanna (Bloodstone), M. Hazel, Tamarinne

Kanna: With Bloodstone, Kanna’s high damage output allows her to bring sustain to the team, alleviating the need for a dedicated healer.

M. Hazel: M. Hazel is a very strong choice for healing, providing Greater Attack, reliable healing, and other Fire Hero synergies. However, she lacks the ability to cleanse off the Poisons, making Potion Vial much more important for her.
Tamarinne: Although her CR push effect has no benefit here, her attack buff and strong heals make her a decent pick here, while bringing a cleanse. Her Idol Form S1 can contribute to dispelling the Lich’s Attack Buff if built with Effectiveness.


NOT Daydream Joker: The % Health Damage of Daydream Joker does not work on Expedition bosses.

Victorious Flag/Uberius Tooth/Kal’adra/Portrait of the Saviors/Ancient SheathThese artifacts provide additional damage for your Heroes to do more damage.

Bloodstone: Extremely notable on Kanna to enable healerless compositions.

Alexa’s Basket: Notable on Kayron/Arbiter Vildred, Alexa’s Basket allows him to reliably keep up buffs.

Radiant Forever: Best in slot for DPS Mages – bringing a whopping 50% damage increase on monsters, this is the best PvE artifact in the game when its use case is met.

Team Compositions

Standard (~600k-1.2 mil)

A. Ras / Kanna / Baal & Sezan / Tamarinne

A. Ras is the recommended tank as he provides a healthy blend of utility, both defensively and offensively. 
Recommended Stats (Level 3):
  • 195+ Speed
  • 20k HP
  • 1.5k Def
  • 85% Effectiveness
  • Artifact: Aurius/Sword of Ezera
A. Ras should be used with Aurius once he is tanky enough to survive, until then, Sword of Ezera is a viable alternative as well. 
Kanna is the strongest DPS, while bringing additional utility on her S3.
Recommended Stats (Level 3):
  • 195+ Speed
  • 45% Effectiveness
  • Maximize Damage and Speed
  • Artifact: Victorious Flag/Dux Noctis/Symbol of Unity
Kanna gets a lot of free stats from her S2 passive, and so can be run with low effectiveness to dispel the Lich’s Attack buff. 
Any other DPS can be chosen here as well, but Kanna’s accessibility from Connections, and high utility and DPS make her the best choice. She also scales excellently, as her passive helps supply free stats on the lower end, and is the cornerstone of the Healerless team.
Baal & Sezan is the choice of debuffer, as his low cooldown Speed Down and Defense Break are invaluable. 
Recommended Stats (Level 3):
  • 195+ Speed
  • 85% Effectiveness
  • Artifact: Etica’s Scepter/Radiant Forever
Baal & Sezan can be built for both damage or pure debuffing in this composition. Recommended is a build with decent speed and effectiveness, with the rest of the stats allocated to damage. Baal’s multipliers are good, and paired with Radiant Forever, he can contribute a significant amount of damage. For those looking for more reliable debuffs, Etica’s Scepter may be used instead.
Tenebria is a viable alternative for Baal, but if neither are available, any other viable DPS can be used here instead.

Tammarinne and M. Hazel are both viable as healers, but Tamarinne is recommended mostly because unlike M. Hazel, most players will have Tamarinne already built. M. Hazel is better as her Greater Attack buff can be reliably kept up with Kanna, but she lacks a bit of healing, cleanse, and dispel. There is not a meaningful difference between overall performance worth justifying building a healer only for this composition as it is outperformed by the Healerless team.

Recommended Stats (Level 3):
  • 195+ Speed
  • 85% Effectiveness
  • Artifact: Rod of Amaryllis

Healerless (~1 mil – 1.5 mil)

A. Ras / Kanna / Baal & Sezan / C . Zerato
By running Bloodstone on Kanna, she can provide enough healing to sustain the entire team herself. This allows the replacement of a healer with an additional damage dealer, increasing the teams maximum damage potential. 
A. Ras is the optimal tank, as he provides defensive and offensive utility. His S2 provides another source of Defense Break and a Dual Attack. 
Recommended Stats (Level 3):
  • 205+ Speed
  • 20k HP
  • 1.5k Def
  • 85% Effectiveness
  • Artifact: Aurius
A. Ras should wear Aurius in this composition, as it mitigates the greatest amount of damage, reducing the amount of healing required from Kanna. 
Kanna is the strongest DPS, and serves as the cornerstone of this team, providing high damage, healing through Bloodstone, and Speed Buff all in one Hero. 
Recommended Stats (Level 3):
  • 205+ Speed
  • 45% Effectiveness
  • Maximize Damage and Speed
  • Artifact: Bloodstone
Kanna gets a lot of free stats from her S2 passive, and so can be run with low effectiveness to dispel the Lich’s Attack buff. 
Baal & Sezan is the choice of debuffer, as his low cooldown Speed Down and Defense Break are invaluable. 
Recommended Stats (Level 3):
  • 205+ Speed
  • 85% Effectiveness
  • Artifact: Radiant Forever/Etica’s Scepter
Baal & Sezan can be built for both damage or pure debuffing in this composition. Recommended is a build with decent speed and effectiveness, with the rest of the stats allocated to damage. Baal’s multipliers are good, and paired with Radiant Forever, he can contribute a significant amount of damage. For those looking for more reliable debuffs, Etica’s Scepter may be used instead.
As an alternative debuffer, Tenebria is viable as well. She should be ran with Etica’s Scepter due to her longer cooldowns.
The final slot is a flexible slot, and any Hero with good damage and self-sustain can be ran here. Viable options with self-sustain include C. Zerato and R. Carrot, while if the team does not require more sustain, pure damage options such as Mercedes or A. Vildred are excellent as well. C. Zerato is the recommended Hero of choice, providing high damage and supplemental Defense Break and Attack Down debuffs.


Hi! Thank you for reading this guide, and I hope it helps you <3 Thanks too to my proof readers, editors, and those that provided feedback.