This guide aims to answer often-asked questions about Epic Seven, but also is worth reading if you’re newer to the game, as it can serve as a pretty decent guide for progression. If you have suggestions of things to add or any corrections you feel should be made, please let me know!

As a lot of questions are covered below, please use Ctrl-F in order to find the topic that you’re concerned about!


When is the next Free Unequip/Gold or XP Buff/Runes Event?

Nobody knows, but in general Free Unequips happen once a month, usually near the end of the month. Free unequip events are also offered whenever a balance change happens, to provide players with the ability to build/rebuild heroes as fit.

Gold and buff events are also roughly once a month, although they happen frequently as well.

The best source of information are the official STOVE forums, and Facebook.

When is the next Banner and who will it be?

Banners in Epic Seven are continuous, there will either be at least one new Hero banner, or rerun. Generally new Heroes are released at a rate of about 1 per month, and will last for two weeks. Rerun banners are frequent, and fill the time in between new Hero releases.

Nobody knows exactly what the next banner will be, although information is often teased around a week before, and dataminers can leak the planned banners.

The best source of information are the official STOVE forums, and Facebook.

Who Should I 6* Next?

This depends greatly on your current progression, and what content you’re looking to progess in. In general, a safe bet is to 6* Heroes that are important to your next step of progression. 

Early game, you’ll be looking to 6* a farmer, and then work on Hunt teams, as these will provide the bulk of your progression.

What's the best source of Gold/XP/Charms?

This can vary based on your personal progression, but in general, Hunts provide the best Gold return, and Adventure/Side Story will provide XP, and fodder gear + charms for upgrading equipment.

When is the Daily 100 Energy sent out?

05:00(KST) ~ 08:00(KST) 

20:00(UTC) ~ 23:00(UTC) 

12:00(PST) ~ 15:00(PST)

What differences are there between servers?

With the exception of the Japan server, all other servers (Global, Korea, Europe, Asia) are sync’d and get the same content and heroes. Only server reset times, and the players playing on them may differ. In terms of population Global has the most players.

Which Packs have the most value?

The monthly packs have the best value per dollar, otherwise event packs, such as the Guilty Gear collab packs offer good value compared to other packs. Aside from these Mystics/Molagora packs are the best way to get those particularly resources, but aren’t technically great value.


Who should I reroll for?

The best early game Heroes to reroll for are Vildred and other 4* supports. Vildred’s AOE capabilities as a farmer make him top tier for getting through the early game efficiently.  Notable 4*s include Achates and Angelica, strong healers, and Clarissa, Rose, and Furious, who provide strong progression scaling into Wyvern Hunt.

How do Imprints work/What to do with dupes?

Imprints allow duplicates of a Hero to be useful in increasing the strength of your Hero, with two options, either to apply imprint effects to the other members in the team, or as Imprint Concentration, to increase it’s own stats.

Breath of Orbis, How do I get them and where should I use them?


1-9, 2-S6, 3-S3, 4-S6, 4-S12, 5-S6, 6-S6, 7-S6, 8-S3, 9-S3, 9-S6, 10S-3

Cidonia AP Shops 1, 3, 5-1, 6, 8 (400 AP each)

The recommended upgrades are:

Heart of Orbis: 2/3/3

High Command: 1/1/1

Alchemist’s Steeple: 0/3/3

Steel Workshop: 3/3/3

Forest of Souls: 0/3/0

These offer the basic minimums, the rest can be assigned to preference. Priority is in this order, as Heart of Orbis and High Command provide the biggest incomes for their respective currencies.

Should I join a guild?

Joining a guild provides access to another weekly Molagora, alongside Mystics from Guild War and artifact charms, along with 10% gold and XP buffs. It’s highly advised to join a guild!

How do I find a guild?

The official discord can serve as a way to find guilds who are recruiting. Otherwise, you can look for guilds in game.

Where do I get gear early game?

A lot of your gear early game will come from the free gear given from Arena, Story, Abyss, Adventurer’s Path, and Events.  Otherwise, as you progress through Hunts, you’ll find more useful gear there too.

Is Arena Gear worth buying?

Yes! Arena Gear while not the best, as 88 pieces can still roll high ranges, and generally 2-3 pieces will be good from every season. Otherwise, make sure you can pick up the Unknown Slate and Frame, as gear will persist across seasons, while these won’t.

Is there any advice for Wyvern 13?

Yes! Find our very own Wyvern 13 Guide here!

Should I upgrade this piece of gear?

Gear is complex, and it can be difficult to tell which piece to upgrade, and recommended pieces to upgrade will depend on which Heroes you have built, and more. While there are online gear optimizers/calculators you can use, a good rule of thumb is to invest into gear that only can offer some sort of progression towards the Heroes you have/are building.

How do I pick what sets to use on my Heroes?

In general, building Heroes in Epic Seven is more about reaching a cumulative set of stats, and as such sets with some exception, are not strict requirements. Instead, they allow for an additional boost in stats, that may be helpful. 

Notably however, Speed set, is one of the strongest, and extremely commonly used. Speed set provides one of the largest speed increases aside from the boots slot, and is worth a lot in terms of stats.

Immunity set is a 2 piece PvP oriented set, that provides units with 1 turn of debuff immunity, and is a necessary stable for most PvP Heroes builds to function effectively, due to the prevalence of debuffs.

Game Mechanics

How does Effectiveness/Effect Resistance work?

Whenever an attacker attempts to apply a debuff, the below process follows:

  1. The attack is evaluated to be a Hit or a Miss. If Miss, the attack cannot apply debuffs, except for those from Artifacts (and Dizzy).
  2. The chance to attempt a debuff, this is the number on the Skill or the Artifact, is rolled. If the attempt succeeds, proceed to the next step.
  3. The success of the debuff applying is calculated by 100% + Attacking Effectiveness – Target Effect Resistance, with a maximum chance of 85%. Effect Resistance ignoring effects (Basar Soulburn) only affect this step.

Some skills will apply multiple debuffs in one check (Kitty Clarissa S2), while others have multiple checks per-debuff (Dizzy). 

There is NO minimum chance to apply a debuff, if the target has 100% more Effect Resistance than the attacker has Effectiveness, the debuff will never apply.

For PvE, debuffers will want 15% less effectiveness than a given boss to be able to debuff current PvE content as optimally as possible.

Why did my slower Hero go before my faster Hero? (Speed RNG)

On the very first turn of combat, Heroes start at 0-5% Combat Readiness randomly, as such, speed tuning your Hero to have 5% + 1 speed in between each Hero is needed to reliably provide the proper turn order.

How does Elemental Advantage work?

Ice > Fire > Earth > Ice | Light > Dark > Light

Elemental Advantage on a hit provides a 15% Critical Chance, 10% more damage, and has a 75% to land a Crushing Hit.

Elemental Disadvantage on a hit suffers from -15% Critical Chance, 25% to land Crushing Hit, and 50% Miss Chance.

How do different Hit types work?

Miss: 75% damage, no chance to apply debuffs from skills. Small grey text + Miss appears.

Normal Hit: 100% damage, Regular grey numbers.

Crushing Hit: 130% damage. Large Grey numbers.

Critical Strike: Uses your Critical Damage as a multiplier. Orange numbers.

How do Damage Reductions stack?

There are two different types of damage reduction, Damage Reduction, and Damage Sharing. These two stack with one another, but each Hero may only have one of each applied at once. 

Sources of Damage Reduction include: Adamant Shield, C. Armin/Elena/Otille passives, Proof of Valor, and other sources that reduce damage taken.

Sources of Damage Sharing include: SS. Bellona/T. Crozet passives, Aurius.

Only the strongest of each effect can be active at one time on a Hero.

How does Miss/Evasion work?

Misses deal 0.75x damage, and cannot apply a skill’s innate effects.

Evasion and Miss chances stack additively with each other.

For example: A Fire Hero hitting a Earth Hero with a maxed Moonlight Dreamblade equipped will have a, 50 (Elemental Disadvantage) + 20% (Level 30 Moonlight Dreamblade) = 70% chance to miss, 

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