Welcome to our Wyvern 13 3-man farming guide. This guide is aimed at advanced players, for new players please see our more comprehensive guide

This guide covers 3 man setups. By freeing up a slot, 3-man hunts have greater energy efficiency. Overall, these setups are only really suitable for the endgame player, as the investment required is great. Endgame gear, skill enhanced Heroes, and specialized Hero builds make building these teams difficult.

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3-man teams provide great energy efficiency, allowing fodder to be leveled while grinding Hunts. As your team will consist of only 3 Heroes, it is important that each Hero can fill in multiple roles, providing some combination of healing, damage, or debuffs. 

For information about general strategy and mechanics, please see our comprehensive guide

Team Compositions

Angelica/A. Montmorancy, Furious, Sigret/other DPS

A relatively inconsistent team, averaging around 40-50% win-rate with high gear requirements. The accessibility of this composition is high, as the Heroes are already used in regular 4-man runs. As such, this composition can be used for players who are starting 3-man runs.

Angelica and A. Montmorancy are decent tank options, but are vulnerable to dying in prolonged fights, and do not provide debuffs. 


Furious may be exchanged for SS. Bellona, who can bring Defense Break through the use of Ms. Confile. However, this trades reliability for more damage and can see a decrease in win-rate.




Crozet, Furious, Mistychain

A highly consistent team, averaging around 50-90% win-rate, depending on gear quality. Crozet is capable of tanking reliably while protecting his allies, and Mistychain provides heals, debuffs, and decent DPS. 

This composition is extremely accessible and recommended for consistent clears.

Crozet, Furious, Alexa

Another highly consistent team, averaging 70-98% winrate, albeit requiring slightly higher gear than the above team. Alexa brings incredible DPS, allowing this team to clear faster and more reliably, and can even clear before barrier phase. 

This composition is the end-game goal and is the fastest and most consistent 3-man clear possible.


Sigret and Chloe are viable alternatives for Alexa. They deal slightly less damage but are more consistent with debuffs. 


Diene, SS. Bellona, Sigret

A high damage setup, with relatively low consistency, averaging around 30-40% win rate, depending on gear quality. Diene at high gear levels can solo tank a few turns of Wyvern while providing Attack Buff. This allows the use of SS. Bellona, whose S3-S2 AoE can cleave the 1st wave. 

This is the fastest clearing 3-man, but also relatively inconsistent. 

Hero Analysis

Crozet is a specialized Wyvern tank, whose kit is uniquely suitable to Wyvern. He brings a 75% chance decrease Attack debuff, and strong mitigation through a barrier and increase Defense on his S2 passive. He can also keep other Heroes alive through his S2, increasing success rates further.

Gear Targets:

There are 3 viable builds for Crozet:

Noble Oath + 150 Effect Resistance:

  • 15000 HP
  • 1.5k Defense
  • 150% Effect Resistance
  • 150+ Speed
  • 65% Effectiveness
  • Noble Oath

The optimal build, 150% Effect Resistance and Noble Oath allow him to resist Wyvern’s dispel and pushback, allowing him to reliably tank with his S2 passive.

Replacing Noble Oath is possible if Crozet has 200% Effect Resistance, allowing the use of Aurius or Sword of Ezera.

Standard Tank:

  • 20k HP
  • 1.8 Defense
  • 160+ Speed
  • 65% Effectiveness
  • Sword of Ezera

A standard Wyvern tank build is viable on Crozet as well, but is not as consistent as a Noble Oath build. As Crozet will lose turns from CR pushback, he also will not be able to debuff as consistently.

Counter Tank:

  • Counter Set
  • Either above stat requirements 

Crozet’s S1 brings a powerful decreased Attack debuff, allowing him to be ran on Counter Set if possible.

At higher gear levels, Crozet can be replaced by other tanks with more offensive capabilities. This comes at the cost of slightly less consistent runs, but can greatly increase the overall clear rate. Tywin can bring Attack buff, alongside AoE Defense Break, reducing run times by 20-30 seconds. Krau’s S3 allows him to deal considerable damage, but also requires a high Effect Resistance set up to make use of his increase Defense buff and barrier. 

Furious remains the best debuffer, capable of running Song of Stars, providing Critical Chance buff, Defense Break, and a low % chance burn. With Critical Chance imprint, Furious reduces the gear required for your DPS, allowing for higher damage. 

Gear Targets:

  • 65% Effectiveness
  • 210+ Speed (235 optimal)
  • High Tankiness

Furious must have 65% effectiveness. Additional speed allows him to gain more turns during barrier phase, increasing reliability. As Furious’ damage is negligible, he should be built tanky, so as to survive unlucky Wyvern or 1st wave attacks.

Alexa, Mistychain, and Sigret are the best DPS options available. They bring their own debuffs, alongside high damage. They should be speed tuned to have their debuffs up on the 1st turn of the Wyvern fight, as placing debuffs will ensure that they do not die. 

Alexa is a high consistent DPS option and two poison debuffs on her S2. 

Mistychain provides additional healing and decreased Attack debuff on her S2, making her a reliable DPS that provides heavy sustain.

Sigret is the potentially highest damage option, as she has a powerful S3 nuke, and reliable bleeds on her S1 and S2.

Gear Targets:

  • 65% Effectiveness
  • 182+ Speed (196 optimal)
  • Capped Critical Chance
  • As much Critical Damage
  • Decent Attack
  • +30 Daydream Joker
  • Rage Set 

All DPS should run Joker + maximal Critical Damage for highest possible damage. 65% effectiveness is needed for landing debuffs. A minimum of 182 speed is required to get enough turns during barrier phase, and is optimally 196+ in order to gain 4 turns before barrier phase. Alexa with skills on is an exception, as her S2 CR increase allows her to require only 186 Speed. 


Hi! Thank you for reading this guide, and I hope it helps you <3 Thanks too to my proof readers, editors, and those that provided feedback.